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[Misc] 161016~17 Fansign post-its

When I talked about his abs in the trailer video, Hoseok drew this cutely 
(I slowly took it out to look at it again because I can't fall asleep)

My tummy~

 Between MAMA and Intro: Boy Meets Evil, which song is your favorite?


What was the hardest choreography in Intro:Boy Meets Evil?

hmmm. Rainbow ㅠ

 Thanks for showing your abs today on Inkigayo. Did you do it on purpose because you knew you'd make the fans happy?

Not on purpose 

Please rank the hyungs in the funniest order

1. Jin
2. V
3. Hope
4. Suga 
5. Rap Mon
6. Jimin
7. Jungkook

Please write an acrostic poem for "홀리아" (Holly-ah)

Hol - Holly is
ly - ly-ppeu-da (pretty; it should be 이쁘다)
ah- ah-ju mani (very much)

Please rank the solo songs of the members in your favorite order

1~7 First Love

Easiest choreography of BTS?
I like it

Who is the member that fits the sexy concept of Blood Sweat & Tears?

1. Jimin
2. V
3. Hope
4. JK
5. Sg
6. RM
7. Jin

Please draw a cat that looks like Jimin

Taetae, please tell us the ranking of foreign language you're familiar to

1. Japanese
2. English
3. Korean :P

What do you want to receive from Jimin for birthday?

Jimin oppa, what do you think its your charm?

1. eye smile
2. cute face
3. sexy
4. nice voice
5. ___________
(2~4 - I'll leave for you guys to decide)

What is the phrase you hear often lately?

Who is the member that doesn't fit the new sexy concept?

When will you release the music video of so far away?
There isn't

Superman Jeon Jungkook!!
If you could be born again, what would you like to be? and why?


Who apologizes first when you fight with Jimin oppa? 
we both do

Who apologizes first when you fight with Taehyung oppa?
both of us apologize together...

Holly or Kumamon
Choose with a tick

Isn there a music video for So far away?

Rap Mon oppa, what is the line from your song that comes to your mind when you see me? (only among BTS songs)

I want to stroke/pat you

 Jungkook oppa! Please draw my face >ㅁ<
JK: ah, I can't~ I don't think I should... don't you think oppa would ruin your cute face?'s alright...^^

Please draw the member beside you
artist: Suga
person next to him: Jungkook

cr. to owners
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[Instiz] 161019 Idol who set the highest record as Korean artist on Billboard Hot 200 (Feat. UK Chart, best records in shortest time)

It's BTS who returned with their second full album "WINGS" on October 10th

-Title "Blood Sweat & Tears" reached 6,340,000 views in just 24 hours (released on October 10th). They were the second fastest artist to reach the most number of views in 24 hours.

-Among KPOP idols, they are the fastest group to reach 10 million fews in just 41 hours

- Among KPOP Boy groups they are the fastest group to reach 20 million views in just 136 hours.
(translation - )

- As of 11PM October 18th they reached about 25 million views

[Digital sales, album chart]

- They are the first to rank #1 on iTunes in 97 countries

- They rank #1 on US Itunes Top Album Chart

- First Korean artist to enter UK Album chart, 62nd place

- Lined up their song for the first time on US Apple Music

-#1 on music charts in China and Japan

- #1 on Billboard World Albums

- #26 on Billboard HOT 200 chart

Highest ranking in Korea, 2nd in Asia

First Asian artist was a Japanese singer (during 1969) and he ranked #1. 2NE1's crush (#62) and BTS sets a new record in 2 years and 4 months

- HYYH pt 2 - 171st place, HYYH Young Forever - 107th place, Wings - 26th place
They're the first Korean artist to enter Billboard with 3 consecutive albums

All these records were accomplished in just 8 days

Original post here
Response +166

1. My BTS-pride is exploding. Wow BTS let's succeed moreㅠㅠㅠ!!!!!!!!!

2. Well done, boys 8ㅁ8

3. I'm so happy about the Billboard ㅜㅜㅜ

4. Wow BTS has really grown big. I love you BTS

5. BTS let's only work on Flower Roadㅠㅠ

6. I'm proudㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ let's keep climbing higher

7. keuuu cool so cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. I think they're really popular internationally

9. These are the result of BTS's blood, sweat and tears

10. Will you still deny that they're a super star? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Super star Bangtan~~

[Misc] 161019 Relay Talk! BTS [What if you had to go to a desert island?] (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga)

[PANN] 161018 Comments in BTS articles ㅋㅋㅋ

It's definitely this scenario

Kids who don't make any effort with awful grades
commenting when the a student who gets good grades achieves great results at some international competition

"that's nothing, why all the fuss..."
"but why isn't he the top student of the whole school??!!!"
"he can't even be the top student of our school"

this is the f***ing situation ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
when the star student is busy studying hard and getting attention from everywhere
the losers are busy slandering and talking behind his back...

They can't even say they cheated because it's Billboard, UK and Tower Records Charts. 
they're just like "I'M SO ANNOYED!!!!!!" ㅋㅋㅋ

++) I'm not even their fan but the reason why I posted this was because of BTS fans. 
As an old user of PANN, this place always had negative posts about idols and if you just ignore these losers it's fine but I felt bad to see their fans becoming timid. (I somewhat feel like BTS fans are like their moms..)

And please, let's not treat BTS as nugu groups ㅋㅋㅋ

We play radio at my office and in 2 radio shows on KBS they mentioned BTS's popularity as daebak today (Park Myungsoo, Jung Jaehyung, Moon Heejun radio)
Age group of radio listeners are quite high ^^
We have 9 people at my office and there's no one who doesn't know BTS.
(people who are in their late 20s go "BTS~ I know them. they're really famous~". When people say such thing, it means they're popular ㅋㅋ They don't know the names of the members but since Shinee, we don't know the names of the membersㅜ)

BTS doesn't deserve to be looked down so fans, please don't try to deal with all the haters
I'm proud of your singer

Original post here
Response +189 -16

1. I'm from another fandom but the negative comments on Billboard articles are funny... I kept seeing the same ids leaving bullshit like "why aren't they No.1 here?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and they said Billboard Album chart is irrelevant and this was really hilarious +36 -0

2. BTS doesn't appear on TV other than ISAC and music programs. It's especially hard to see them on variety shows. Those two are their only media exposure but they've accomplished such result. I really think their musical talent was proved by the results. I'm so happy to think that they've grown so much only by their music +27 -0

3. BTS doesn't do media plays ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look at Nate ranking news ㅋㅋㅋ it's plastered with articles about celebrities who aren't even promoting right now, articles that talk about their fashion, instagram and life ㅋㅋ This group's articles don't really come up on the main homepage even when they receive hundreds of comments. Their "first Korean" title is not seeing the light... +27 -0

4. Thank you... I actually thought they don't do mediaplays.. ㅋㅋ When you go to the entertainment news section on Naver, you really have to scroll down to see an article. I got to know about Billboard and UK Chart over here... Although I use Naver more than Nate ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +11 -0

5. I think their record deserves more articles, am I wrong? But I think they're really bad at mediaplay... useless articles that have no comments or responses come up on the main page but I feel bad for this group because they're not getting enough exposure~ Is it because they're not from a big company.. +10 -0

[PANN] 161018 V cried at their fansign event

But why did he cry?? Does he cry easily?? He was crying sadly...

Original post here
Response +357 -60

1. I think he cried after reading what the fan wrote inside the album but no one knows what it was about. It could be the fan's personal story so we agreed not to mention this on Fan Talk board~ Even the other fans and fansite masters who were there on that day don't know what happened. Only the fan and Taehyung know the story! +190 -3

2. When someone who doesn't easily cry cries you feel more emotional.. I'm not a fan but I feel sad +174 -3

3. Right. I'm a fan and I was confused because I saw him crying after a very long time since their early debut days... He was quite teary during the concert but he said he's good at fighting back tears and he didn't really cry. I wonder why he cried ㅠㅠ aigoo +170 -4

4. They said he held her hand for some time after reading. I assume it's a personal story of the fan. We're not sure too so please delete the post. No guessing please +70 -0

5. The reason why fans are asking OP to delete the post is because he started to cry while signing that fan's album and he also held her hands tightly before  leaving the place for some time. Fansite masters don't know what really happened and this could be because of that fan's personal story but there are so many weird guesses going around and now we have people making up rumors using personal stories. So fans decided to not talk about this on fantalk. When this post came up we asked the OP to take it down after explaining the reasons but now it's one of the Selected Talks. Please take the post down ㅠㅠ +34 -0

[PANN] 161017 Suggestive words by Taehyung

- Taehyung anecdote

Fansite master: Taehyung!!!!
Taehyung: Ah, don't call me! You will pretend to take photos after calling me! I'm not going to look!
Taehyung: (but he still turns to look at her)

Original post here
Response +43 -2

1. Honestly, they should limit the number of cameras at fansign events... please reply to the boys... there's a truck full of people who are sad because they can't go +18 -1

2. This is why I prefer music show schedules.. We just go with our ARMY Bombs and wave at them passionately ㅜㅜ +16 -1

3. This isn't the first few times ㅜㅜ seriously if I could attend the fansign event, I'd answer to every ment the boys say +6 -1

4. ah... I think I wouldn't be able to speak a word from nervousness if I get into the fansign event... I can't help but sigh... ㅠㅠ +5 -0

5. sobs ㅠㅠ I'm really ready to nod my head to all the things our boys tell us if I could go to the fansign event ㅠㅠㅠ I sit at home and look at their photo all day ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ why are they going to take photos ㅠㅠ +1 -0

[MESSAGE/CLOSED] Your message to K-ARMYs♡

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