Saturday, 30 July 2016

[PANN] 160728 Top 3 Jung Hoseok legendary photos

You can't disagree with me

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1. This one too;; Of course you can't see his face clearly but his actions... I literally punched the wall when I saw this. You should see this once every day. My heart hurts +29 -0 

2. For me it's this +17 -1

3. I really like Hoseok's graduation photo and this one too... ☆ +17 -0

4. Hoseok, you're beautiful +9 -0

5. This one too.... +9 -0

6. Honestly, this one... Look at his gaze +7 -0

[Instiz] 160729 The great gap between a group's "fake" maknae and "real" maknae.jpg

Fake maknae wearing white shirt.jpg

Real maknae wearing white shirt.jpg

Fake maknae's heart.gif

Real maknae's heart.jpg

Fake maknae - BTS Jimin

Real maknae - BTS Jungkook (His fullname is Jeon Jungkook Oppa)

When the two of them are together. jpg

The one that's turning - younger brother
The one that's scared inside - older brother

The one that's hitting - younger brother
The one that's getting hit - older brother

The one that's patting his head - younger brother
The one that's smiling - older brother

And heartwarming ending... ^^

is fake.

In their recent interview, Jimin agreed that he's the 7th in their group ranking ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
+(But maknae is maknae... baby...)

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[PANN] 160727 Wow really, BTS Jin's visual became more mature

I think BTS Jin is really pretty

I knew he was pretty but he's so pretty that I can't help saying "daebak" automatically

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1. Please go to Enter-talk. Check before you post seriously. Enter-talk is not just there for you to ignore +120 -11

2. Let's move to Enter-talk or Fantalk♡~ +103 -9

3. Last time someone posted about IU and you guys were like "she's damn pretty", etc but you guys flip out and say "you should post this on Enter-talk" only when posts about male idols come up +29 -13

4. Did you post this to give us a bad name... Both of us including the A.R.M.Y are aware that Kim Seokjin is handsome so please delete this post before it enters the ranking +37 -1

5. I didn't know he had monolids until very recently... I think BTS is a group full of handsome guys with monolids... +25 -5

[PANN] 160729 I saw this on Facebook ㅠㅠㅠㅜ

A.R.M.Y who visited Bighit took these photos and fans had scribbled on everywhere including the telephone pole to the staircase ㅠㅠㅠ It seemed like some people thought BTS would be proud to see this but proud or not I really think this is wrong ㅜ Expressing our hearts through letters for BTS is enough so is this really necessary ㅠㅅㅠ And Bighit has other artists beside BTS and I think staffs wouldn't feel so good either.. When you write BTS names on the steps it's like we're trampling their names. And I think it's rude to scribble on other person's company. I hope A.R.M.Y on fantalk wouldn't have written over there but I just wanted to remind you guys that you shouldn't join them ㅎㅅㅎ... then bye!

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1. This is crazy. I want to go there and erase it for them... +2 -0

2. How could anyone feel pleased... this is really rude 

3. Damn, goosebumps 

4. Ah, I want to go there to erase it for them... but why am I not in Seoul ㅠㅠㅜ

5. I'm really embarrassed because they're one of us...