Thursday, 2 March 2017

[Article] 170121 "Jungle" Jin, I can promise you that this is a fan recruiting show of BTS eldest hyung

If you considered Jin merely as the visual eldest hyung of group BTS, your thought will change when you watch "Law of the Jungle".

On the January 20th broadcast of SBS variety show "Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado", the Jungle family are given the "Survive without ___" mission. 

They had to fish in the middle of the sea and sleep on a floating house. Their survival on the sea was intense. When the family moved to land, they presented various scenes. The family divided into two groups, Land team and Sea team to find food. With Chief Kim Byungman as the leader of Sea team, the "Little Kim Byungman" JinGong Brothers, Jin and actor Gong Myung joined forces.

[Article] 170125 We didn't recognize him because he's from BTS, the rediscovery of "Hwarang" Kim Taehyung

"We needed an innocent nd bright image. We needed an actor with unique charm to express the pain behind the birth story of the many-sided character." (Yoon Sungsik PD)

Not many people expected much from his acting when BTS V stood in front of the audience for the first time as actor Kim Taehyung. He received sarcastic remarks on how idol actors easily take over characters with prominent roles and most importantly, people were worried for his first acting and for this first attempt in a historical drama.

[Article] 170218 "WINGS TOUR" 7 different thoughts shared by the 7 members... "We will become the wings of ARMY"

Group BTS revealed their thoughts on ending their concert in Korea.

On the 18th evening, BTS held "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR" at Gocheok Sky Dome Royal Diamond Club Lounge and shared their emotions with the fans before performing their last song. 

Monday, 9 January 2017

[Lyrics] Fansong - 보라해 (Bora-hae)

You can listen to the song here (YT)

함께한 시간들이
숨결처럼 가까이 느껴질 때

너의 존재가
내게 얼마나 큰 위로가 되는지
새삼 느끼곤 해

네가 내 마음을
또 내가 네 마음을
전부 알 수는 없더라도

서툴지만 우리만이 아는 단어들로
소리내어 말해주고 싶어 너에게

내 세상을 가득 채운 너를

같은 꿈을 꾸게 해 준 너를

때론 널 향해
키워간 마음이
절대 닿을 수 없을 것만 같아서

널 따라 걷는 게
혼자 두려워

네가 스며든 나의 바다를

날 안아주는 네 은하수를

그 시간과 공간을
가득 채운 우리는
함께 물들어
빛나고 있었다고

삶에 지쳐 기억 한 켠에
너를 잠시 묻어두는 순간조차
너의 노래가 너의 말들이
내 손을 따뜻하게 잡아 일으켜줄 거야

내 세상을 가득 채운 너를

같은 꿈을 꾸게 해 준 너를

모든 걸 놓고 주저앉고 싶을 때
네가 남겨둔 발자국을 따라 걸으면
다시 길을 찾을 수 있었어

네가 스며든 나의 우주를

변함없이 날 안아준 너를

어느 새 당연하게
내 삶에 녹아든 네가 그렇듯

네 기억의 끝에
추억으로 남을 수 있기를

When the moments we spent together feel close to me like a breath

I realize again how much your existence comforts me

Although neither can you understand my feelings nor can I understand yours

I wish I could tell you aloud using the words of our own although it wouldn't be perfect

The person who fills up my world

The person who let me share the same dream with you

Sometimes I fear that my heart that grows for you will never reach you

I drew back in fear because I was afraid to walk behind you

My sea that's be inspired by you

Your galaxy that embraces me

We who filled up that time and space shined bright together

Even during the hard times when I bury you in a corner of my memories for a while,
Your music and your words will hold my hand warmly and help me get on my feet

The person who fills up my world

The person who let me share the same dream with you

I could find my way again when I followed the footprints you left during the times when I want to let everything go and give up

My universe that's be inspired by you

You who hugged me as always

As you have become a part of my life,

I hope I could remain as a memory at the end of your thoughts